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The Statistics Division gives out a number of prestigious awards every year for people in different phases of their careers. For more information about the Awards program or to get involved, contact the Awards Chair at

FTC Student and Early Career Grants
The Statistics Division provides a limited number of grants to current students or early career (graduation plus 3 years) statisticians to attend the Fall Technical Conference (FTC) . The grant covers conference registration, 2 nights at the conference hotel and food allowance. Interested candidates must submit an application packet, including a recommendation. Additional information about the grant requirements and the application process is available here for students and here for early career professionals (Ref 2019). Updated information for the current year's conference is made available on the FTC website when available.

Ellis R. Ott Scholarship
In honor of  Dr. Ellis R. Ott, professor at Rutgers University, and a founder of ASQ. Available to graduate students enrolled in or accepted to a master’s or doctoral program in the US or Canada in applied statistics or quality management. Awards are $7500 each, 2 per year (1 MS, 1 PhD). Applications accepted Jan 1st –  April 1st each year, decisions by Aug 1st. The scholarship is administered by the Ellis R. Ott Scholarship committee, chaired by Dr. Lynne Hare. Detailed information regarding the application process and application form are available here.

Lloyd S. Nelson Award
Instituted by the Editorial review Board of ASQ publication Journal of Quality Technology (JQT) in honor of Dr. Lloyd S. Nelson, JQT founding editor. Recognizes the paper in JQT with the “greatest immediate impact to practitioners.”  No deadline for application – all papers published in JQT are automatically considered. Awarded at the Fall Technical Conference.

Søren Bisgaard Award
In honor of Dr. Søren Bisgaard, Isenberg Professor of Management at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, who died in 2009 of mesothelioma, and renowned expert on quality management and applied statistics. Recognizes the paper in the ASQ publication Quality Engineering (QE) with the “greatest potential for advancing the practice of quality improvement.” No deadline for application – all papers published in QE are automatically considered. Awarded at the Fall Technical Conference.

William G. Hunter Award
Given in honor of the founding chair of the Statistics Division, Dr. William "Bill" G. Hunter, professor at University of Wisconsin-Madison. Presented annually since 1987 for “excellence in statistics as a communicator, a consultant, an educator, an innovator, an integrator of statistics with other disciplines and an implementer who obtains meaningful results,” i.e., to the person most like Bill Hunter. Nomination forms due June 30th. Awarded annually at the Fall Technical Conference. . Nomination packages are submitted in the spring for consideration. The form is available here for 2022. 

W. J. Youden Memorial Address
Given in honor of Dr. William J. “Jack” Youden (1900-1971), internationally recognized as an expert on the statistical aspects of experimentation and for his outstanding ability to communicate and explain statistical tools and techniques to others. The Youden Address is delivered at the Fall Technical Conference by an individual that best exemplifies Dr. Youden’s approach and experimentation methods.  No application or nomination package required - please send suggestions to the Examining Chair at

ASQ Fellows
The Statistics Division sponsors a limited number of ASQ Fellow nominations every year. Minimum eligibility requirements are 5 years as an ASQ Senior member in good standing and 15 full years of active experience in quality-related professions, and demonstration of expertise across a broad range of categories. Statistics Division involvement is preferred but not required. The application process is based on a points system and requires detailed documentation and supporting evidence that the criteria are met. For detailed information about the ASQ Fellows program, visit:  The ASQ deadline for submittal of completed application packages is May 1st. Contact our Examining Chair at by March 1st if you would like to request Statistics Division sponsorship.


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