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What is it? The Statistics Digest evolved from the Statistics Division Newsletter, to respond to member interest in additional technical content along the lines of the popular mini-paper. This publication includes a variety of information about Division activities and awards, as well as articles and regular columns at a variety of technical levels. If you are interested in becoming a contributor, please contact the editor with topic proposals.

The links below will take you a downloadable pdf with Table of Contents for each issue. Content is searchable.
2021: February, June
2020: February, June, October
2019: February, June, October
2018: February, June, October 
2017: February, June, October
2016: February, June, October
2015: February, June, October

The Statistics Digest founding editor was Matt Barsalou (2015-2019). New editor Harish Jose took over the role in 2020.

Statistics Division Newsletters, published prior to 2015, contained more Division news and usually a single Mini-Paper or Case Study. VOC polls of the member community highlighted a desire for expanded technical content along these lines This Statistics Division received a Silver PAR Innovation Award in 2016 for the revamped publication.
The archive of Statistics Division newsletters will be made available on myASQ later this year, but are all currently available at this location:
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