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Government Division – Quality Body of Knowledge (G-QBoK)
The Government Division has recently embarked on a long term and very important initiative of creating a Government-specific Quality Body of Knowledge (G-QBoK). Our strategy is to create a G-QBoK that will be practical in focus, based on real case studies, and center on how to successfully apply quality methods, tools and practices in the Government domain. The G-QBoK will be a living collection of documents with frequent updates and changes that will reflect the nature of an evolving and growing field of knowledge. The table below shows where we are in this process. If you would like to provide any comments, content or volunteer to help create our G-QBoK, please send your email to rherczeg@divisions.asq.org
Category Sub Category
Compelling Stories and Case Studies about Improving Performance and Quality in Government
These stories and case studies provide examples of “real world” successes and challenges of applying continuous improvement and performance management tools/methods in government.
Quality Standards in Government
This section demonstrates our Division’s commitment to serving as a leader in quality standards as it relates to improving government performance.
About the Center for Quality Standards in Government (CQSG)
The Government Division established the Center in 2015, although in 2019, its name was officially changed to CQSG. Here you can learn more about its mission, vision, and objectives.
Government Performance Improvement Maturity Model (GPIMM)
The GPIMM provides the means for any Government agency to evaluate the extent to which they are pursuing performance improvement initiatives to raise their level of quality and performance. The GPIMM is composed of three quality standards: (1) process management, (2) systems management, and (3) aligned leadership objectives.
Pursuing ANSI Standard
Read more about the status of the Government Division’s goal of advancing the GPIMM by gaining recognition for it as an ANSI standard.
Performance Measurement Best Practices
Under this topic, you can discover how our Division is supporting Government in adopting meaningful performance measurement practices and systems as a means of identifying improvement opportunities.
 Cost of Quality 
Baldrige in the Public Sector
The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award was established by the U.S. Congress in 1987 to raise awareness of quality management and recognize U.S. companies that have implemented successful quality management systems. The award is the U.S.’s highest presidential honor for performance excellence. The Government Division is especially focused on the public sectors’ pursuit of excellence.
Resources (links to National Baldrige, Baldrige criteria, State-level programs, etc.)
Baldridge Performance Excellence Program 

List of Public Sector Baldrige Award Winners
Public Policies and Guidance
Explore existing public policies and guidance that are intended to drive performance and quality improvement practices in Government agencies.
U.S. Federal
City, County, Municipal
Other Resources
Lists/Links of Government-focused Conferences
  List/Links of other Non-Profit Organizations focused on the Public Sector

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