Achievements and Barriers: The Results of Lean and Quality Initiatives in Government, March 2017 research report

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This is the second study on the use of Lean Process Improvement and Continuous Quality Improvement in government sponsored jointly by the American Society for Quality (ASQ) Government Division and CPS HR Consulting. Completed in February of 2015, the first such joint study concluded that an estimated 20% of all state agencies now have formal Lean Quality Improvement programs in place. It also found that quality in government initiatives have a short lifecycle, and that most do not survive more than three to five years due to a lack of structured support, both by political leadership and by top agency executives. The survey concluded that lean and continuous quality improvement efforts have a limited life span in government because there is no long-term incentive for maintaining successful efforts.  The current survey was developed cooperatively by the ASQ Government Division Leadership Council and was distributed in a web-based survey between July and September 2016. Survey invitations were provided to all known state offices of Lean and Continuous Quality Improvement, to the Federal Improvement Team2, and to professional contacts and networks known to members of the Government Division Leadership Council resulting in 79 requests for participation, of which 24 provided responses that met acceptance criteria.  
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