General Meeting: September 2019 – Control Chart: An Efficient and Effective Quality Tool for Government

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Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) noticed the performance of a critical measure "Safety Incidents per Month", was progressively worsening.  Leaders engaged the Operational Excellence Team to improve the situation.  With the help of Quality tools, these Safety Incidents were stabilized in two quarters.  Once past the initial emergency, the Agency Leaders asked for a systematic working approach to reduce these Safety Incidents, year by year.  
This presentation shares this Success Story of a State Agency utilizing existing Run Chart data to leverage new Control Charts (c-Charts) for a paradigm shifting working approach.  The power of Control Charts is proven as a Division leader benefits from Walter Shewhart’s value proposition for (all) Control charts.  Namely, to know when to act and when to not react.  As the Safety Director is enabled by Control Charts showing Monthly Safety incidents of the Top 10 worst performing Districts crisp decision making is enabled.  The ensuing District level root cause analysis and closed loop corrective action not only reduced Safety Incidents year on year but also saved the Agency $2.2M over two years.

Harsh Zadoo has held leadership roles in Public and Private Organizations for over 35 years.  He established efficient and effective Operations through 2012 to deliver Products, Services, Process and Quality for two major technology companies – Digital and Dell.  Since then he has been a Public Servant working for Texas State Agencies delivering core competencies in areas of Quality Control, Re-engineering, Process Improvement, and Data driven competitive advantage.  Harsh is a certified PMP and Lean Six-Sigma Black Belt.  He is a member of ASQ’s Chapter #1414 in Austin, and the Voice of Customer/ Data Analytics Chair in ASQ’s Government Division Leadership Council.  His leisure time is shared with family, a Ping-Pong robot that remains unbeatable, and caring for his one year old hens - Nilla & Oreo.  In his current role as a Director at Texas Health and Human Services he is responsible for the Office of Decision Support’s Business portfolio.
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