General Meeting: February 2019 - A Practitioner’s Overview to Data Mining Models and Methods

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A Practitioner’s Overview to Data Mining Models and Methods

Over the past few years the proliferation of applied computational methods has grown considerably, likely due to the decreased cost of data storage, increase in computer power, and evolution of programming languages such as R and Python to solve data-centric problems. For someone new to data science it can be daunting to determine where to start or where to go next. This presentation will provide an overview to data mining, what it is and isn’t, and where it fits into the general category of machine learning. While the focus will be on predictive analytics, unsupervised learning methods will be discussed briefly.


Our speaker is Don McCormack, a leader of technical enablement at JMP Statistical Discovery arm of SAS where he collaborates with software engineers to develop interactive and extensible tools for visual data exploration.   Don has been a practicing statistician for over 20 years, he came to JMP from Amgen, one of the world’s largest biotechnical companies, where he was a Senior Quality Engineer.  Earlier, he conducted semiconductor research at SEMATECH and specialized in statistically designed experiments.   Don studied at the University of Texas at Austin and Rensselaer Polytechinic Institute and holds two master’s degrees.


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