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This page replaces the previous Section Web Page.  All Section Members will have access to this page.  Events can be posted as either for just section 1012 members or viewable by the public. 

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Bryan Leenheer
Is the Holland-Zeeland section of ASQ active any longer?
Bryan Leenheer Sep '21

Yes, meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of every month. Contact Mark Rokos mrokos@alumni.nd.edu for more ...

The next meeting is a week from today (2/8) at 7. It's virtual and we'll be discussing ideas for 2022 meetings so the ...

Lisa Smith
What do you think of the new Section Community?  What would you like added?  What would you like changed?  
Lisa Smith Aug '18
Needs building up if it's going to be useful.  The member list is pretty sparse.
Lisa Smith Lisa Smith Oct '18
I agree.  Everyone in our section is linked to the site, but they don't show up in the member list until they log in and ...
Could we send out an email requesting section members to log in?  Maybe you already tried this.

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Section 1012 serves the greater Holland-Zeeland area which is located in Michigan's western Lower Peninsula.    
Holland, MI 49423, United States

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