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Lauren Von Euw
CALL FOR PAPERS Lean & Six Sigma Review Special Issue Focused on NextGen Authors Lean & Six Sigma Review (LSSR) is a ...
Lauren Von Euw Nov '22
Claire Hopkins
Welcome to the NextGen Community on myASQ! Please use this discussion thread to say hello and introduce yourself. ...
Claire Hopkins Dec '21

Hi everyone! Claire and Kylee are doing a great job with the NextGen Global! I'm a Food GxP Auditor and Consultant. I ...

Amit Patel Amit Patel Feb '22

Hello everyone,

I am Amit N Patel. I am a Quality and Regulatory Compliance Consultant for Pharmaceuticals, ...

Hi All,

Frazier Pruitt here. With experience in a few different manufacturing quality rolls, I am an aspiring ...

Lauren Von Euw
Join the ASQ Next-Gen Sub-Committee for our Quarterly Networking Social on Tuesday, January 31st at 2pm CT. This ...

@Lauren Von Euw I am excited for this discussion with Max Hansen about how NextGens, anyone actually, can use the ...

For a preview check out the Salary Survey Article in Quality Progress.

Kylee Rogers
“You should be far more concerned with your current trajectory than with your current results.” There were so many ...
Kylee Rogers Jan '22
Claire Hopkins
To join the myASQ NextGen Community, fill out the form at this link: (raw link: ...
Claire Hopkins May '22

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Whether you're new to quality or a young quality professional, ASQ's NextGen community is for you!

We're here to help support new to quality and young professionals as you transition through your new and developing career paths.


Mentorship can be a hugely impactful and positive experience. Our mentoring sub-committee is focused on the topic with a goal of connecting young professionals to seasoned experts who can help them through the challenges that come with being in the early part of a career. You’ll be able to grow yourself personally and professionally through these connections gleaning valuable lessons from your peers and role models.

For NextGen by NextGen

We’ve got eyes on everything ASQ offers and are ensuring we have a voice and representation in it all. From communications to content to volunteer leadership, it is our goal that the voice of the next generation always has a seat at the table, so we can make sure all ASQ members get what they need when they need it.