Vision Statement:

The Scioto Valley Section will be the leader in the application of the Quality Sciences and in recruiting and promoting customer participation in PPS activities.

Our Mission:

The Scioto Valley Section will promote excellence by providing quality services and benefits for its members and others interested within its 16 county Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia service area.



  • November Program Meeting Recap
    The November program meeting for the Scioto Valley Section focused on the unusual topic of quality in quilting. Ms. Rita Fishel, a native of northeastern Ohio, delivered one of her most requested lectures based on Signal Quilts of the Underground Railroad.  Rita spoke about the folklore/story as told in the book Hidden In Plain View , by Jacqueline L. ... more

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Community Information

The Scioto Valley Section (SVS) provides services to quality professionals in counties in south central and eastern Ohio.
Chillicothe, OH 45601, United States

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