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  • 2020 - Jim Bossert
  • 2019 - Jami Kovach
  • 2018 - Greg Watson
  • 2017 - Blan Godfrey
  • 2016 - Tom Pyzdek

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Joseph Basala
Do you have a story to tell? Do you have a unique slant on a Six Sigma tool or approach?  Do you feel a need to contribute ...
Joseph Basala Apr '19
Marnie Ham
I am working on my MBB portfolio and have some questions as I am not finding the form easy to fill out.  Can anyone ...
Marnie Ham Jan '20
There is not a formal CMBB mentoring group, but a few of the Six Sigma Forum Leadership team members are ASQ CMBBs.  ...
Marnie Ham Marnie Ham Jan '20
Hi Joe, 
Thanks for the response.
My first question is on the section 1.1 developing training modules.
what is the ...

Some of my thoughts....

In looking at the MBB portfolio, I wonder if the wording should be "training ...
Scott Sterbenz
Help recognize significant contributors to the Six Sigma profession by nominating them for the 2023 Six Sigma ...
Scott Sterbenz May '22
Scott Sterbenz
For many of you, this is a basic reminder, but it's an incredibly important one. Before jumping into any DOE or ...
Scott Sterbenz Sep '18
Often in a Six Sigma ( DMAIC) project the process starts off not stable.  One or more sources of special cause ...
Scott Sterbenz
Today's post is a classic reminder of what Six Sigma is all about, but it's worth some discussion.  Nothing ...
Scott Sterbenz Jul '19
Scott Sterbenz
The Six Sigma Forum was delighted to present the 2021 Six Sigma Forum Award to Dr. James Bossert at the 2021 Lean & Six ...
Scott Sterbenz Mar '21
Joseph Basala
Does anyone have any experience with utilizing Toyota Kata methodology within Six Sigma? or are very experienced ...
Joseph Basala Apr '19
Scott Sterbenz
Last week, the Six Sigma Forum and the Statistics Division co-hosted a webinar on the Chi-Square Goodness of Fit ...
Scott Sterbenz Nov '19
excellent video and well done!
Albert - Hope you are doing well and thanks for the feedback!  Scott
Scott Sterbenz
The Escape Room sponsored by the Six Sigma Forum proved to be so popular, registrations filled up very quickly--so ...
Scott Sterbenz Mar '22
Joseph Basala
The 1-2 punch of Lean and Six Sigma is pretty powerful and shows up in the concept of Rolled Throughput Yield (RTY). ...
Joseph Basala Apr '18
I routinely work with companies that have no concept of RTY.  If they talk about yield at all, it is only an overall ...
HI Joe, I agree and am starting to look at how I can use the RTY concept in Healthcare since they have many handoffs in ...

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  • Chi-Square Goodness of Fit Test I found a great video at Khan Academy on how to perform a Chi-Square Goodness of Fit test.  What's great about Khan Academy is that they explain the concept, show an example, and the provide a short quiz to test your understanding.  I use ...
    Date Created: 10/20/2019 01:40 PM
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