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The nomination period for the Six Sigma Forum Award has now closed. We are excited to begin our judging. Nominators will receive a notice in mid-November. The winner will be annouced at the 2023 Lean and Six Sigma Conference. We hope to see you there!

A list of our past winners are as follows:
  • 2021 - Joel Smith
  • 2020 - Jim Bossert
  • 2019 - Jami Kovach
  • 2018 - Greg Watson
  • 2017 - Blan Godfrey
  • 2016 - Tom Pyzdek

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Mary Beth Soloy
Did you know that employers can now verify ASQ Certifications online?  Here is a link to the registry:  ...
Mary Beth Soloy Mar '19
Joseph Basala
Joseph Basala Nov '19
Ok, I wear glasses so I have 4 choices.  I am not Japanese so that puts me down to three choices.  I am not bald so that ...
Achievements and honours. In his obituary for the American Statistical Association, Deming wrote  of Shewhart : ...
Yep, that sounds like me....LOL
Joe, do you know who the member leader was who headed up the first World Quality Month back in the mid 80's?  (HINT:  ...
I tried to research, but could not uncover the answer... (although I can probably make an educated guess)

Perhaps ...
I was the one.  Dick Freund (ASQ Past President) asked me to do it when I was at Kodak.  It was a crazy time since it was ...
Scott Sterbenz
The Six Sigma Forum Award for the Advancement of Six Sigma recognizes outstanding achievements, efforts and ...
Scott Sterbenz Mar '22

The announcement


Joel saying a few words on stage.



Mary Beth Soloy
Please comment on how the Six Sigma Forum can better align to the new goals: STRATEGIC GOAL #1 | Drive thought ...
Mary Beth Soloy Jun '19
Scott Sterbenz
From the Six Sigma Forum Chair: Greetings from my home office, as the COVID-19 situation has kept me away from my ...
Scott Sterbenz Sep '20
Hi Scott, good information.  I am giving an webinar for the Stat Division on Oct 16 on Continuous MSA studies.  I ...
Scott Sterbenz
With the Six Sigma Forum Community Page being active, there is no longer a need for our LinkedIn Group.  For those ...
Scott Sterbenz Mar '19
Confirming that the LinkedIn Group for the ASQ Six Sigma Forum has been closed down.
Scott Sterbenz
I'm pretty sure most practitioners have run across this problem sometime in their careers - I know I have!  You plan ...
Scott Sterbenz Sep '19
Certainly "spot on" advice!  I see Belts and others always assuming the measurement system is good and jetting ...
Marnie Ham Marnie Ham Jan '20
I would add, that you need to look at the DOE execution - was it completed correctly, was it randomized, do the ...
Mary Beth Soloy
Lean & Six Sigma Review is pleased to announce a special issue on “Design for Six Sigma,” in which we seek to publish ...
Mary Beth Soloy Jan '22
Chad Smith
I want to take a few moments to highlight how awesome it was to see all our members and friends stopping by our SSF ...
Chad Smith May '19
Scott Sterbenz
Thank you to Bruce Barth for hosting a webinar on Strategic Problem Solving. We had 545 participants, and the ...
Scott Sterbenz Jul '20

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  • Chi-Square Goodness of Fit Test I found a great video at Khan Academy on how to perform a Chi-Square Goodness of Fit test.  What's great about Khan Academy is that they explain the concept, show an example, and the provide a short quiz to test your understanding.  I use ...
    Date Created: 10/20/2019 01:40 PM
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