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A list of our past winners are as follows:
  • 2021 - Joel Smith
  • 2020 - Jim Bossert
  • 2019 - Jami Kovach
  • 2018 - Greg Watson
  • 2017 - Blan Godfrey
  • 2016 - Tom Pyzdek

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Joseph Basala
The 1-2 punch of Lean and Six Sigma is pretty powerful and shows up in the concept of Rolled Throughput Yield (RTY). ...
Joseph Basala Apr '18
I routinely work with companies that have no concept of RTY.  If they talk about yield at all, it is only an overall ...
HI Joe, I agree and am starting to look at how I can use the RTY concept in Healthcare since they have many handoffs in ...
Scott Sterbenz
Good morning, and thanks for tuning in!  This is the last in a series of posts regarding strategies for successful ...
Scott Sterbenz Jun '19
Ali Negahi Shirazi
Hello everyone,  I am Ali Negahi Shirazi, a Biomaterials Scientist and a CSSGB, and MBA candidate. Being new to ...
Have you joined the local Chicago section too?
Hi Mary, 
Yes, I did. but the local Chicago section is not very active. 
Joseph Basala
Does anyone have any experience with utilizing Toyota Kata methodology within Six Sigma? or are very experienced ...
Joseph Basala Apr '19
Scott Sterbenz
Last week, the Six Sigma Forum and the Statistics Division co-hosted a webinar on the Chi-Square Goodness of Fit ...
Scott Sterbenz Nov '19
excellent video and well done!
Albert - Hope you are doing well and thanks for the feedback!  Scott
Scott Sterbenz
The Escape Room sponsored by the Six Sigma Forum proved to be so popular, registrations filled up very quickly--so ...
Scott Sterbenz Mar '22
Scott Sterbenz
Hello, and thanks for tuning in for this segment of Highlights from a Keynote—Strategies for Successful DMAIC ...
Scott Sterbenz May '19
Joseph Basala
I am interested in hearing from anyone who has started using Minitab's Workspace program (or companion).  I am ...
Joseph Basala Jul '20
Scott Sterbenz
Recently, I gave the keynote address at the Illiana Quality Conference in Chicago, which was hosted by the ASQ ...
Scott Sterbenz Mar '19
Joseph Basala
The Six Sigma Forum Leadership Team met this weekend for planning for next year. While many exciting topics like ...
Joseph Basala Oct '19

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  • Chi-Square Goodness of Fit Test I found a great video at Khan Academy on how to perform a Chi-Square Goodness of Fit test.  What's great about Khan Academy is that they explain the concept, show an example, and the provide a short quiz to test your understanding.  I use ...
    Date Created: 10/20/2019 01:40 PM
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