Welcome to the Denver Section!  Our Leadership Team is committed to providing support to our local members and the global ASQ cause. We are volunteers who work to provide networking, learning and volunteer opportunities while maintaining the section’s internal operations.

Our aim is to provide helpful information and answers surrounding certification, recertification, membership benefits and other inquiries. We enjoy networking and getting to know our local peers at our monthly Membership Meetings and events.


20+ years: 🥈 Bret Homer (30) 15+ years: 🥉 Timothy Melberg (19) 10+ years: 🥇 Steve Brown (14); Thoa Bui (11) 5+ years: 🏆 Paul Javier Jr (8) more
Posted by Linda Henderson on Denver Section Feb 24, 2022 8:38 PM CST
20+ years: Robert Finkelmeier (32); Michael Heaney (28); Robert Howley (27); Lucia Berte (26); James Henley (26) 15+ years: Christopher Barr (24); Dennis Voelker (22) 10+ years: Douglas Myers (12); Elaine Barnett (11) 5+ years: James Larson (9); Eric Waski (7); Craig Rollins (6); Clinton Edgar (5);Zachary Lanham (5) more
Posted by Linda Henderson on Denver Section Jan 29, 2022 2:54 PM CST
20+ years: 🥈 Celeste F. Kreul (24) 15+ years: 🥉 Dirk Jordan (17); Tami New (15) 10+ years: 🥇 Mark Thoreson (13); Sheryl Wolff (10) 5+ years: 🏆 Jeffrey Tsacoumangos (6); Jeremy Naymik (4) more
Posted by Linda Henderson on Denver Section Jan 29, 2022 2:45 PM CST

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Linda Henderson
Tell us what you'd like to see offered by the ASQ 1300 Section as virtual events for the coming months. Here are some ...
Linda Henderson Dec '20
Overviews of ISO standards relevant to industries in Colorado.
Dinner Tours,
Basic Quality Tools Workshop,

Thanks Linda,

John Fuschino 
Hi, I'm going to say, I love the idea of a facility virtual tour, Amazon Warehouse, or a strong VMI vendor. 
We would ...
Michelle Potvin
As any Quality organization, your Denver 1300 Section is looking for feedback so we can improve our value to our ...
Michelle Potvin Jun '19
My motivation for joining the Denver section was for networking.  My motivation of joining ASQ was to add ...
My motivations for joining ASQ include: networking with other Quality professionals, keeping up with ...
My original motivation was to gain and retain my certification as a quality auditor.  Since I joined the ...
Michelle Potvin
Hi Denver Section! Our ability to provide in-person meetings this year was short lived; however, we were granted ...
Michelle Potvin Aug '21
Michele Wolf
Hello everyone, I'm the QMS manager for the Energy and Minerals Mission Area at the US Geological Survey. I'm ...
Michele Wolf Dec '20
Brendan Bartolo
We would love to hear about any quality related success stories that you were involved in last year.  Did you ...
Brendan Bartolo Jan '20
Michelle Potvin
Is anyone in the Denver Section knowledgeable in the Safe Quality Food (SFQ) standard? A local company is looking ...
Michelle Potvin May '22
Linda Henderson
What best practice or lesson learned have you discovered from participating in remote audits?
Linda Henderson Mar '21
Do a "technology check" a few days prior to the audit!
when using video conferencing for your audit remember to smile, it puts people at ease and helps to make up for the ...
Michael Heaney
From the Denver Section 2019 Survey, 61% of the respondents prefer to attend monthly membership meetings in ...
Michael Heaney Mar '20
Cindy Blinci
I am looking for recommendations for a compliance consultant to perform an on-site independent audit of a QMS in ...
Cindy Blinci Jun '21

Hi Cindy,

Compliance with what standard are you requiring to audit?

specifically Iso 15189, FDA 1271, CMS 493, German Health Authority, Therapeutic Good Administration, ...

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  • ASQ Covid-19 Participant Waiver (in person events) The ASQ Board has voted to suspend all not currently scheduled face-to-face ASQ member and community activities for the remainder of the year. 

    ASQ 1300 scheduled the annual Section Member Event on September 14 2021 at Tamayo ...

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    ASQ 1300 is now offering recordings from past Denver Section events/meetings. Below is the link to request these Meeting Recordings.  \
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  • Job Postings - Now available on myASQ Denver Section!! If you or your company have current job openings, you can now post those job opportunities to the myASQ Denver website.

    Postings will be at a cost of $50 for ASQ members and $75 for non-members, a great savings! 

    If you are interested in ...

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  • Newsletters Please enjoy our periodic newsletters for our members.  We strive to keep our members updated on our events and activities within the organization.  
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TREASURER: John Fuschino
PROGRAM: Jonathan Nigg
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