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Next ASQ Automotive Division Webinar: Monday Nov 28th 6pm EST
Communicating with Leadership-Strategies and techniques for the modern quality professional

Speaker Jeremy Hazel
6:00 PM. Eastern / 5:00 PM. Central / 3:00 AM Pacific Duration: 90 minutes.
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The Presentation:
Quality as a profession is currently undergoing on one of the most important transitions in the last 40 years. Similar to how thought shifted to elemental based thinking in the 1980’s and moved toward process approach in the 2000’s, the evolving role of quality inbusiness is moving faster and faster, and quite frankly we are not prepared for it one bit. As current quality professionals move towards retirement and younger candidates begin to fill these roles, there is a substantial mismatch in the skills quality professionals hold, and the needs of organizations and leaders in the companies that employ them. In short, we are not teaching these candidates how to communicate and be a vital part of leading their organizations as their careers move forward.
This webinar will be an education for up-and-coming professionals in both the quality and engineering space that are beginning to fit into larger roles where the line between black and white becomes more and more grey.
The various areas of the lecture will include
  • The concept of interested parties and how their perceptions are created
  • An in-depth analysis of this creature we call management, and how they operate
  • A brief history lesson the great fracture in systems and the current push toward unification of the warring factions
  • How to generate a common language with the flighty and dangerous - that is management
At the end of this lecture, you will understand:
  • What is driving decisions by leadership,
  • How you can communicate with them,
  • How we can leverage the tools we have to aid in the organizations path to do the most good for the most people
The Presenter: Jeremy Hazel
Jeremy is a professional Speaker, Trainer, Author, Artist, Leadership Consultant who focuses on the Business and Financial case for leadership and creativity in systems based thinking.  He works as a technical expert and master trainer with Plexus International where he focuses on Systems, Core tools and leadership with a specialization on plant and operations, risk based thinking and executive development.
Jeremy received his B.S. with dual specialization in Organizational Management and Corporate Finance, and further expanded his career with an MBA with a focus in Quality Management where he did his master’s thesis on blending Six Sigma for service with Systems Management. Additionally, he has held numerous ASQ certifications.
Current publications include:
  • ISO 9001:2015 Memory Jogger
  • IATF 16949:2016 Memory Jogger
  • AS9100 memory Jogger
  • ISO 13485 Memory Jogger  
  • The Risk Based Thinking Workbook

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