Welcome to the Eastern South Dakota myASQ Community!

We are dedicated to improving knowledge of quality practices and resources in our region; please let us know if there are any questions or resources you'd need help with. If you have any job postings, there is a job postings section in the discussion board. This community is intended to serve our members, so if you have any suggestions, please email us at esdasq@gmail.com

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Brent Petersen
I work for an OEM in Sioux Falls and with that have been tasked with implementing new Quality programs and evolving ...
Brent Petersen Jan '20
Hi Brent!

We would be happy to work with you on your QMS journey!  My name is Steve Slabaugh and I'm the chair for the ...
Nathan Kleinschmit
See attached for descriptions of the required section leadership positions - if you think you would be interested ...
Nathan Kleinschmit
Welcome to our myASQ community; please look around, and if you have suggestions for additions or adjustments, ...
Nathan Kleinschmit
The Section Leadership Committee for calendar year 2019 is as follows: Chair: Nate Kleinschmit Secretary: ...

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  • Section Newsletters To help with communications, we will be publishing periodic newsletters with information pertinent to the section. If you have any information for inclusion in the newsletter, please contact the Section Leadership Committee at ...
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Community Information
This community has been established for the Eastern South Dakota Geographic Section (1219) of ASQ. Our members our primarily located in the eastern third of the state of South Dakota, with additional members from western Minnesota, northwestern Iowa, and southeastern North Dakota.

With a community this expansive (and the potential for winter bad weather, our primary meeting method is through monthly webinars, with a couple site visits / plant tours and a couple face to face business meetings each year. Past training webinars are available in the resource area for review, and our discussion board is intended to connect members with other members for knowledge sharing and best practice information. We also have a discussion board for job postings to help connect job seekers with opportunities that may interest them.
Madison , SD 57042, United States