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Our True North Roadmap

True North is an established reference point to help anyone navigate in any direction, to any destination. It is the basis of the compass and, as the North Star, is what anchors navigational tools. As proponents of Human Development and Leadership, we are each responsible for defining true north for ourselves and teaching others the best ways to use it for their own development and leadership. In his book True North, Bill George defines True North as the internal compass that guides you successfully through life. It represents who you are as a human being at your deepest level.  Let our community be your partner in defining your True North; your fixed point in a spinning world.
Our True North includes:
  • Demonstrate passion for human development & leadership
  • Be a leader in delivering excellent member experience
  • Think positively and share optimism
  • Respect diversity in individuals, communities and cultures
  • Maximize growth by capitalizing on our strengths 
  • Focus on holistic development : intellectual, emotional, physical & spiritual
  • Embrace FUN and the 'Yes, and …'  philosophy
  • Be fully engaged at all times
  • Be genuinely humble
  • Recognize that the team comes before individuals
  • Celebrate achievements, appreciate efforts & offer support

Benefits of an HD&L Division Membership

  • Ever-expanding professional content to enhance your leadership skills
  • Learn how to make all of your relationships more effective
  • Increase your opportunities for personal development
  • Be part of an exciting division that is at the heart of quality improvement


We had a great 2022 with new member leaders joining us, introducing panel discussions, launching a new competency framework through a workshop in WCQI and prepping for an upcoming Seminar at Sea and virtual workshop in the fall. This past month we held 2 business planning meetings with our leadership team and would like to hear your voice in what else you ... more
Posted by Sidita Hasi on Human Development and Leadership Division Aug 30, 2022 2:00 PM CDT
The HD&L Division is looking for volunteers for the following committees: - Marketing & Communications - Webinar/Panel - Book of Knowledge - Volunteer Coordination When it comes to volunteering there are some important requirements. These requirements are passion, positivity and respect. The most valuable assets a volunteer can bring to a ... more
Posted by Sidita Hasi on Human Development and Leadership Division Jun 10, 2022 5:50 PM CDT
We're now accepting panelists' applications for our upcoming panel discussion on the subject of " Leading Organizations ." As we announced earlier this year we are focusing our body of knowledge around a 3 part competency model: Leading Self; Leading Teams; Leading Organizations. After phenomenal success in January 2022, on our " Leading Self by ... more
Posted by Sidita Hasi on Human Development and Leadership Division Jun 10, 2022 5:40 PM CDT

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Lisa Simpkins
Did you hear? The HD&L Division launched its new Mentoring Program recently at WCQI 2019. If you want to ...
Lisa Simpkins May '19
This is exciting! I filled out my application yesterday after the webinar.
Fantastic Amanda!  Who else is interested in applying??
This is a great program.

I'm so excited to support it!

Who else is in?

I'm excited to be part of the pilot program and have been working with a mentee for 4 months.

The growth in the ...

I'm so glad your experience has been so positive! We will be continuing with the mentoring program in 2020 so if ...
Dear Stephanie Gaulding ‍ & Lisa Simpkins ‍ 

I can't say enough about the mentoring program.

I believe it has ...
Stephanie Gaulding
Hello HD&L Community Members, As 2020 is winding down, we have begun preparing for next year. Part of this ...
I've identified one more opportunity in looking at our business plan. We will begin planning for a conference in ...
Luigi Sille
Thanksgiving.... A time to reflect on all that we are grateful for. Happy thanksgiving.mp4 Just remember: ...
Luigi Sille Nov '22

@Luigi Sille True…

Thanks, Luigi Sille ‍ and Happy Thanksgiving to you.
Andrea Gural
  Leadership Books Discussion   1.  What is your favorite leadership book and why?   I love how comprehensive the ...
Andrea Gural Nov '18
I just started reading  The Ideal Team Player: How to Recognize and Cultivate The Three Essential Virtues  by ...
This is a topic that needs a lot of thought. There is a lot of quackery around leadership.I would suggest two books, ...
Well, it is a classic, but I keep going back to "Out of the Crisis" by W.E. Deming! And more recently, I really like the ...
If Daniel Kahneman is in scope, then I read The Undoing Project by Michael Lewis, which profiled Daniel Kahneman ...
Touching the Void: The True Story of One Man's Miraculous Survival  sounds amazing!  Had to download right away ...
Stephanie Gaulding
Watch Richard Uphoff ‍ 's video below to learn more about his talk at the 2020 ASQ Lean Conference....and maybe ...
Luigi Sille
Call for volunteers.mp4 We are now accepting new member leader volunteers across multiple committees. To learn ...
Luigi Sille Jul '22
Stephanie Gaulding
I'll be at this year's WCQI in Fort Worth and looking forward to seeing many friends again this year....I've ...
Yes!  I'll be there too!  And if you are coming, think about going to our workshop session " Leading teams: Conflict ...
Yes, I will be attending WCQI also.  I look forward to see y'all there! 

- Lisa Simpkins
Las Vegas Section 705 Audit ...
Zubair Anwar Khurshid
Possessing soft skills or transportable skills play significantly important role in the career growth and of ...
Luigi Sille
2 minutes... It's worth it !! The SILENT CRISIS.mp4 Let's Celebrate QUALITY
Luigi Sille Nov '22
Stephanie Gaulding
The attached information was shared with HD&L leadership regarding the ASQ Houston Regional Conference on ...

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