Dimensional Metrology Part 1

Dimensional measurement is critical in manufacturing. From fabricating parts to the end use, if the whole process is not understood, it can have a lot of repercussions. During the COVID-19 pandemic and supply chain disruption issues, manufacturers are scrambling to source alternate supply chains and getting new suppliers onboard. Many organizations are having to train personnel to conduct inspections and that requires specifying and using the correct equipment. This presentation breaks down the critical issues related to dimensional metrology in ensuring that proper dimensions are specified, proper tools are used to measure the part during production and inspection stages. During this process, it is important that proper communication needs to take place and that requires use of terminology appropriate to metrology that is understood by everyone. The learning objectives for this presentation are:

Metrological terms related to dimensional measurement
Standards to calibrate the dimensional tools.
Specifying the correct type of calibration.
Risk identification.
Use of SI Units versus US Customary units (also known as imperial units).

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