Oct21 Mbr Mtg - So Close! to Leaving a Lasting Impact

Have you reached the top of your career because of your amazing talent, but you still feel off track, not visible or unable to make a significant impact and do purposeful work?
Do you feel victim to circumstances and feel nothing is in your control to become the leader you were meant to be?
If any of this feels relevant, you will want to come with an open mind to possibilities of transforming your leadership.
In her over 30+ experience, Deb Coviello has also felt this frustration.
However, she has found the answers and has distilled them into The CEO's Compass that will not only get you back on track, but leave a lasting impact.
In this conversation, you will learn some of the easiest and impactful tools that you can realize an impact in days, not months:
Three powerful words to change feedback from being feared to freedom
Why can't everyone be a high performer on your team; a paradigm shift.
Move from subject matter expert to being seen as trusted partner by changing a few phrases
Changing a few words in your vocabulary takes you from being cautious to confident.
Avoid conflict? How to guide a conversation to reach an effective outcome.
You have an opportunity to change your situation from being "So Close" to "Leaving a Lasting Impact"

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Tuesday October 26th, 2021 12:20pm

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