Communication: The Key to Establishing Relationships

This paper will show managers and executives how to individualize the way they communicate with and motivate each of their employees so that employees and team members
will be happier in their job, healthier, more productive and more willing to implement quality programs. Research shows that all employees can do well on teams and in the workplace if they are managed and motivated according to their needs (Kahler, 2000, Gilbert 2004). Dr. Taibi Kahler, an internationally acclaimed psychologist, has shown that the key to forming positive relationships with employees and fellow team members is to help them get their motivational needs met positively and to communicate with them speaking the employee’s language and using the employees favorite mode of communication. (Kahler, 1982). A working knowledge of the concepts of Process Communication enables managers to understand how to motivate each of their employees so that they can address the motivational needs of each type every day.

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