Social Responsibility: A Real and Permanent Force in 21st Century Business

Webinar presentation by Dick Gould, Chair of the Social Responsibility Technical Community (SRTC). It was done in collaboration with the ASQ Toronto Section and the ASQ Canada and Greenland Region.

Each slide has a recorded narration that advances automatically when played as a slide show.

Social responsibility is a real and permanent force in business—SR is receiving increased attention from customers, investors, executives, employees, and governments. Fortunately, SR is simply a corollary of our traditional scope of work.
By paying attention to SR, we can help our organizations better align their too often isolated SR investments to core business strategies.
What’s more directly related to our professions, engaging with SR enables us to define and evolve quality using the language of 21st century business.

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Sunday November 14th, 2021 12:48pm

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