Statistics Digest 2017 Jun Vol 36 No 2

Chair Message - Richard Herb McGrath
Editor's Corner - Matt Barsalou
Mini-Paper: "Performance Metric Reporting at the 30,000 Foot Level: Resolving Issues with X-Bar and R Control Chart and Process Capability Indices Reporting" - Forrest Breyfogle III
Feature: "We Did It Wrong ... but Got Positive Results" - Ryan Monson

Design of Experiments "Sudoku and Design of Experiments" - Brad Jones
Statistical Process Control "Finding the Signals" - Don Wheeler
Statistics for Quality Improvement "Identifying Bottleneck Operations in Manufacturing Systems" - Gordon Clark
Stats 101 "Control Charts" - Jack ReVelle
Hypothesis Testing "Introduction to Hypothesis Testing Methodology" - Jim Frost
Standards InSide-Out "Membership in a Technical Advisory Group" - Mark Johnson

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