Statistics Digest 2015 Feb Vol 34 No 1
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Chair Message - Adam Pintar
Past Chair Message - Joel Smith
Editor's Corner - Matt Barsalou
Youden Address "Quality and Statistics: Now THAT'S Entertainment!" - Connie Borror
Mini-Paper: "Statistical Engineering and Tearing Down the Silos of Quality Engineering" - Geoff Vining
Feature: "Approaching Statistics as a Language" - Eston Martz

Design of Experiments "Evaluating Screening Designs" - Brad Jones and Doug Montgomery
Statistical Process Control "Topics in Statistical Process Control" - Connie Borror
Statistics for Quality Improvement "Use of the Value Stream Map in a Lean Six Sigma Project: Case Study Involving Design of Experiments" - Gordon Clark
Stats 101 "Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion" - Jack ReVelle
Testing and Evaluation "Defining the Science of Testing" - Laura Freeman
Standards InSide-Out "Reflections on Life in International Standards" - Mark Johnson
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