11 2022 Webinar - Ms. Ciara Ungar - A Business Case for Cultivating Purpose

As Future Focused leaders, we’re always thinking about a Strategic Direction that directly ties to how we create and build Culture. Building a culture that creates a sustainable workforce and business growth, however, starts and ends with cultivating purpose. Although a trending discussion among leadership circles in today’s landscape, cultivating purpose is vastly misunderstood in both its potential lasting impact and deep-rooted activities. Cultivating purpose within your organization and among your leaders is a critical foundation to create for any business looking to grow. This presentation discusses the core components of cultivating purpose to contribute to your bottom line, across three layers: Behavior, Culture, and Accountability. We will explore the different attributes and impact of traditional leadership compared with purpose-based leadership and how we can employ effective approaches to cultivating culture.

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Sunday August 7th, 2022 5:56am
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