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Problem Solving – Heartbeat Leaders First!
When doing a deep dive into the problems that first line leaders deal with daily, one will find that the root cause occurs far from the manufacturing floor.  As a result, you will find that many first line leaders are spending the majority of their time fighting battles that they cannot win.  Furthermore, while these first line leaders are struggling to win a losing battle, the real problems they should be working are being left unaddressed or in most cases only controlling the symptoms.  In this presentation you will learn the importance of aligning the proper echelon of leadership to the right types of problems to foster an environment of continuous improvement and problem solving from the shop floor to the senior leadership team. Speaker: Kevin Barto of TMG.
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Thursday June 27th, 2019 5:00pm CDT
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Thursday June 27th, 2019 7:00pm CDT
Captain Ray's Buffet and Sushi
5957 E Virginia Beach Blvd
Norfolk, VA 23502
United States
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Date & Time: 06/27/2019 06:00:00 PM EDT