CSQP (Certified Supplier Quality Professional) Exam Prep/Study Group
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Are you considering preparing for an ASQ Certification? What is the best way to prepare? I recently sat for the CSQP certification and became very aware of the difficulty in studying for these exams. The traditional approach of teaching the body of knowledge in a classroom setting just didn’t cover enough of the material.

It became apparent to me that although I passed the exam it was not so much about learning the BOK but more, so the experience gained in industry over the years.

So. rather than offer a traditional training courses, Section 104 will be offering Study Groups where those getting ready for certification exams will get the opportunity to meet with their peers and an experienced moderator. The discussion will consider the BOK and how to apply it to real life problems.
There will be a total of six 2-hour sessions between May and June ahead of the June 3 application deadline for the next exam window (July 1-31).

The best part of this training, it’s FREE!

If you are interested in prepping for the CSQP exam ( sign-up closes June 3rd for the July test window) contact me at bobyoung1@myfairpoint.net.

Are you interested in other certs? Let us know that too.

Bob Young
Education Chair
ASQ Granite State Section 104
Date & Time
Wednesday June 23rd, 2021 6:00pm CDT
End Date & Time
Wednesday June 30th, 2021 6:00pm CDT
Online (Zoom)
Certification Exam, Conference Call
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If you are interested in prepping for the CSQP exam ( sign-up closes June 3rd for the July test window)  contact me at bobyoung1@myfairpoint.net.
Additional Information
Certified Supplier Quality Professional (CSQP)
Exam Prep/Study Group
Exam Dates Upcoming Computer-Based Testing Dates
  1. July 1st – 31st 2021
Application Deadline 1.  June 3rd 2021

Sessions / Dates
Total of 6, 2-hour sessions: dates May - June
Class will be conducted as an On-Line (Zoom).

Topics covered: Certification Overview, entire Body of Knowledge (i.e. Supplier Strategy, Risk Management, Supplier Selection and Part Qualification, Supplier Performance Monitoring and Improvement, Supplier Quality Management, Relationship Management, Business Governance, Ethics and Compliance) and Practice Questions.
Reference Books  
The Certified Supplier Quality Professional Handbook ($94.50)
Certified Supplier Quality Professional Solutions ($35.00)

CSQP Primer ($70.00)
From Quality Council of Indiana 
Instructor Bob Young (bobyoung1@myfairpoint.net)
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This will be an informative and effective study group!

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Date & Time: 06/23/2021 06:00:00 PM CDT