Professional Development meeting May 2021: True North---- Gilbert Steinke
Bio: Gilbert Steinke is the founder of Next Step Systems. This leading implementation platform enables organizations to become influencers in focusing on implementing their Strategic True North. Before Next Step Systems, Gilbert was an Industry Advisor of FPInnovations, the second-largest Research Institute on Wood, Wood Products, and Processes. From 1982 to 2003, he worked at Palliser Furniture, a Furniture Manufacturer, where he worked in various departments, from receiving to packaging. These include everything from Engineering through Production to Completion. Following this, Gilbert became heavily involved in Process Flow. It was during this time that Lean Manufacturing was introduced to the organization.
In 2004, Gilbert joined FPInnovations, where his role as an Industry Advisor was to help companies/organizations. These randed from five-man shops to multimillion-dollar organizations. The goal was to implement Continuous Improvement, also called Lean Manufacturing. This became a fulfilling role, as he saw the changes that organizations/companies could accomplish. However, after the implementation of Continuous Improvements, he noticed these organizations/companies invariably started to slide back into their old habits. It somehow did not remain sustainable. This prompted Gilbert to research and where he discovered Hoshin Kanri Strategic Planning. In 2017, Gilbert left FPInnovations and decided to start his own organization and dedicate his time to researching Hoshin Kanri Strategic Planning, developing a Profit and Non-Profit Organizations program to implement Strategic Planning. This research soon became evident that the concept "True North" is fundamental in Strategic Planning. Studies quickly showed True North's strategic planning was necessary. The development of the True North Strategic Planning program began with experts both in Business and the Lean Industry reviewing it. This program was launched in 2021.
During the time spent at FPInnovations, Gilbert has attained his Black Belt from Duha, Lean Bronze Level certification from AME/SME, and registered as a Certified Engineering Technologist, both in Alberta and Manitoba, Canada.
Abstract: Most people would agree that an effective planning process is critical to long-term organizational success. Planning must be integrated into the management process to be effective. The planning process must define why the organization exists, which is not limited by products and services but by customer needs. As customers need change, the planning process must also address why the organization will continue to exist in the future.
So, what is True North? It is the unchanging northern geographic point at the end of the Earth’s axis. It is different from the magnetic north, which shifts over time. No matter where you have been or where you are going, True North Never changes.
When an organization has its “True North” and follows its path, each group, everyone, will also be aligned to True North. When there is total alignment, and every individual is working together to achieve this alignment, the organization is optimal and at its peak performance.
A ship is an excellent metaphor for aligning your organization to True North. It helps put ideas into context we can easily understand and define its three components. Every ship requires a waterproof hull that has four sides, Bow, Port, Starboard, and Stern and a middle section call the Amidship. If the sides of the hull develop a leak, would be disastrous for the ship which would be true for an organization as well. The four sides of the hull of an organization are Core Values, Purpose, Mission and Vision.
The Navigation Bridge is the ship’s command center and without it, the ship would be going nowhere. It has complete responsibility over the whole ship, including the engine room and navigation system.
Your organization requires all three, the Hull, the engine room and the navigation system align to True North and survive your organization’s journey.

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