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Benefits of Creating Repeatable Processes
The Business Process Model (BPM) is arguably the #1 building block for establishing repeatable processes that are efficient, effective and transferable. This basic tool has proven to reduce cost, improve efficiency, enable faster roll outs of new products and services, and improve customer satisfaction. This month’s topic will introduce BPM, its benefits, and some strategies for incorporating it into your business processes. The workshop will introduce the Business Model Template and the elements of BPM.

By Missy Pitcher, President & CEO of BDM Squared LLC

About the speaker:
Missy Pitcher is a management consultant that provides project management as a service and business process management and optimization as a service.

Before becoming a full-time business owner and entrepreneur, Mrs. Pitcher spent over 25+ years implementing strategic, enterprise-level technology projects and programs for major corporations both nationally and internationally. Most recently she worked at Equifax managing Agile IT transformation projects.

For more information please go to Missy's LinkedIn pages or website.

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Date & Time: 05/26/2022 06:00:00 PM EDT

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