Situational Awareness: Managing the Hidden Rules of Engagement

It’s human nature for people to do whatever they can to avoid threats to their well-being. This constant vigil includes changing organizational rules of engagement to fit within personal comfort zones. Consequently, the stakeholders in an organization do certain things in certain ways to meet what they believe to be their job responsibilities. Their actions are based on their perceptions of the best results for them within their framework of reference with as little effort as possible. These “in practice” hidden rules of engagement (the real organizational culture) are difficult to determine and subsequently manage.


Decision-making in complex, dynamic areas requires precise information about the status of the surrounding environment. This webinar explores some tools and techniques that have been used to successfully deal with and manage this hidden culture. In this webinar Scott Stribrny describes a situational awareness methodology (SAM) that is based on a set of processes and protocols that go beyond simply asking for the data from our direct reports.


Learning Objectives:

·         Identify the importance of situational awareness for successful management.

·         Define how to reveal the hidden culture.

·         Identify 11 key questions to ask.

·         Define a four-step situational analysis methodology

·         Examine how to put it all together into an effective action plan.

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Tuesday November 17th, 2020 7:00pm CST
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Tuesday November 17th, 2020 8:00pm CST
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Scott Stribrny is the Cofounder, President, and Managing Director of Group Atlantic, Inc., a consulting firm that has advised private, commercial, and governmental organizations on successful strategy development and operations improvement since 1992.

 Scott brings nearly 40-years of experience in software, systems, and management to his Loyola University Executive Education courses. An internationally acknowledged authority in project management, information systems/technology, systems engineering, and lean development and management, Scott is interested in the intersections of business, technology, and organizational risks.

 Beginning a corporate career with a start-up firm that went from zero to 100 million dollars in just five years, Scott moved on to a Fortune 50 conglomerate where he worked with industry leading engineers, scientists, and the executive suite. Scott ascended to management and was responsible for the development of groundbreaking products and services where he applied best practices in project management. His accumulated management experience ranges across many industries, including aerospace, telecommunications, finance, insurance, retail, information services, and manufacturing.

 Scott is also a senior consultant in the business technologies strategies practice for IT research company the Cutter Consortium; and a thought leader at the IT Metrics and Productivity Institute. His courses on agile, leadership development, high-performance teams, requirements definition, risk management, and project estimating are well known for their innovation and practical applicability.

 Scott is widely published on the subjects of risk management and project/program management and is a frequent keynote speaker at conferences and company events. He is known for his practical knowledge and content, and refreshing and engaging delivery.

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Date & Time: 11/17/2020 07:00:00 PM CST