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ASQ Montreal Webinar -- Pecha Kucha night returns

(Photo by Rob Roberts, NASA)

Bilingual Webinar | Webinaire bilingue

Nuit Pecha Kucha Night

April 27th, 2022 | 27 avril 2022 19:00
Une opportunité de réseautage débute à 18:30


Pecha Kucha, Japanese for chit chat, began in Tokyo in 2003 (Conceived by Astrid Klein & Mark Dytham). To keep speakers from droning on and on, the presentation must contain only 20 slides and each is shown for 20 seconds: a total of exactly 6 minutes and 40 seconds.
Le Pecha Kucha, japonais désignant le bavardage, est né à Tokyo en 2003 (conçu par Astrid Klein & Mark Dytham). Afin d'éviter que les orateurs ne s'éternisent, une présentation ne peut contenir que 20 diapositives et chaque diapositive est exposée 20 secondes: au total exactement 6 mi

3 Presentations (sujets) — 4 Speakers (présentateurs)

  1. A Pecha Kucha on the History of Quality (Un Pecha Kucha sur l'histoire de la qualité) Craig Plain — From Cavemen to Kaizen: How Quality has Evolved over Time.
  2. Using difference for continual improvement (Utiliser la différence pour l'amélioration continue) Ruth Stanley — How do we use notions of difference to achieve continual improvement?
  3. Sécurité informatique : comment s’y retrouver ! (Computer security: how to find your way around! ) Chantale Farley & Paul Beaudoin — With the development of technology, the risks related to cyber threats have increased significantly and organizations must be more vigilant about cyber security.
Speakers | Présentateurs :
  • Craig Plain, Ph.D.: A Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, an award-winning Speaker, a Shingo Prize Winner, a retired Lieutenant Colonel, and an avid reader. He has led process improvement programs for international companies and organizations and shares his knowledge and experience by teaching at both Graduate and Undergraduate programs. Doc’s been a keynote speaker, given Ignite Talks, and has presented at numerous conferences and seminars.
  • Ruth Stanley: A former Regional Director for ASQ Canada and Greenland Region and a retired public servant with the Federal Government. Ruth has over 30 years’ experience in Quality and excellence frameworks. She is now Founder of Boann Consulting and an author, presenter and facilitator.
  • Paul Beaudoin: Regional Sales Manager, NQA Canada. Since the late 90's, Paul has been responsible for business development for various Certification Bodies in Canada. Integrity and customer satisfaction are at the heart of his daily work.
  • Chantale Farley: Auditor and Consultant, has been actively involved in the certification field for over 20 years, wearing many hats, from market development, operations, resource recruitment, retention and as an ISO 9001 lead auditor.

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Wednesday April 27th, 2022 5:30pm CDT
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Wednesday April 27th, 2022 8:00pm CDT
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Montreal, Quebec
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