VT ASQ Presents: Is Your Data (Gold) Fake or Fraudulent? – Evaluating data to ensure it’s not fraudulent, suspicious, or has been “manipulated!”
Digitalization is generating massive quantities of data, which offer opportunities for business, human well-being, and the environment. New business models and technologies are allowing organizations to use data to generate top-line value. Data is the Gold of the 21st Century; make sure it’s not Fools Gold.

During this FREE webinar, Dan will reveal how you can spot or analyze your data to determine if it has been maliciously tampered or worst yet, fraudulent. You'll learn an amazingly simple technique to
  • evaluate your data, using Benford's Law,
  • determine how to spot potentially fraudulent / tampered data using Benford's law, and
  • determine the right circumstances for using Benford’s Law to flag suspects' data.
Dan will also show you how to easily review data to determine its integrity! He will discuss a step-by-step approach to determine if the data you depend upon is fraudulent or has been manipulated.
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Thursday April 1st, 2021 10:30am CDT
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Thursday April 1st, 2021 12:00pm CDT
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About the Presenter:
Dan Feliciano is a savvy, accomplished business executive / Business Transformation executive who is highly regarded for leading organizations by providing expert business transformation services and cutting-edge solutions for F50 industry leaders. He is recognized as having the ability to streamline organizational production and drive profitability through developing organizational strategy, operations, finances, products, services. He is also known for maintaining an uncompromising focus on high-quality standards and bottom-line profit improvements. Dan is an out-of-the-box thinker who excels at turning under-producing businesses into companies that work efficiently and compete in the broader market.
Dan’s recent work has been focused on;
  • performing Business Diagnostics and generating implementation strategies to return businesses to profitability.
  • improving an organization’s working capital.
  • helping organizations reimplement “lean” using Toyota’s discontinuous flow strategy.
Dan is the owner of OpEx90; a company providing consulting services for Strategy, Finance, Operations, and Analytics.  OpEx90 has a strategic partnership with the Thayer Schools of Engineering at Dartmouth to provide blended Lean, Lean Six Sigma, CAPA, and Business Process Management training and certification.  Clients include: Booz Allen Hamilton, Veterans Administration, DoD, most Healthcare insurers, Big Pharma, Canadian Government, IRS, FDA, World Bank, and more.
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Date & Time: 04/01/2021 11:30:00 AM EDT