ASQ LED Special Webinar Series 24 June - “Elevating Individual Responsibility through Motivation" wlth Greg Watson (Part 4 of 6)
ASQ LED Special Webinar Series (Part 4 of 6) (0.1 RU)
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Elevating Individual Responsibility through Motivation"
Presenter: Dr. Gregory H. Watson
Date: Thursday, 24th June 2021
Time: 3:00 to $:00 PM CDT
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About the Presentation:
1. Learn how individual ownership (ji kotei kanketsu) and the self-regulated management system (jishu kanri) are shaped by motivation activities.
2. Discover how worker motivation is developed through the processes of work design, consideration of humanity of workers, and encouragement from supervisors.
3. Understand core ingredients in developing jishu kanri: clearly defined work objectives and procedures, well-designed measurement systems, and delegation of decision rights operate to enable worker self-direction.
About the Presenter:
Please join ASQ LED for a special 6-part webinar series presented by Dr. Gregory Watson, PhD. Dr. Watson is an industrial engineer who has been elected an Honorary Member of 20 quality related organizations, including both ASQ and the International Academy for Quality. He is the former Chair of both organizations. He has received numerous prestigious awards from ASQ global partners and is one of the best-known quality professionals in the world. Dr. Watson has written over 300 papers and also delivered an equal number of speeches to organizations in over 85 countries. He put over 100 videos into open-source public domain for the education of quality professionals. He is currently completing an 18-webinar series for the ASQ Quality Management Division, in addition to this 6-webinar series for ASQ LED. He was awarded the ASQ Distinguished Service Medal, Kaoru Ishikawa Medal, E. Jack Lancaster Medal, and the Philip B. Crosby Medal He will provide you with a deeper understanding of the nature of the Japanese approach to continual improvement described as “lean management” in the West. This series will provide participants with the sources of the most well-known lean improvement methodologies and learn about their cultural roots in Japan. It will also help you to clarify some of the confusion about how these techniques are applied as a coherent strategic system that simultaneously stabilizes process work while at the same time advancing an organization-wide approach to change.
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Thursday June 24th, 2021 3:00pm CDT
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Thursday June 24th, 2021 4:00pm CDT
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Date & Time: 06/24/2021 03:00:00 PM CDT