ASQ LED 12 August 2020 Webinar - "Process Design Under Duress" with Bill Hathaway 1951
ASQ LED 12 August 2020 Webinar - "Process Design Under Duress" with Bill Hathaway
Topic "Process Design Under Duress" (0.1 RUs) with Bill Hathaway, CEO - MoreSteam
   How do you "pivot" with confidence?
   We're all trying to get it right in a time when there are no best practices to follow. Risk has skyrocketed. Time is more critical than ever. Right now, there is little or no opportunity to run multiple iterations of pilots when you need to implement a new process.
   Process modeling can help you move forward. The future will continue to be unclear, but modeling can prepare you for all kinds of variations. You can build a digital twin, or virtual prototype, and run experiments to learn how your process would perform in various scenarios.
   Join me for an overview of process modeling, and see how your organization can successfully re-adjust and re-engineer to meet emerging challenges with greater confidence of success.


William Hathaway is CEO and founder of MoreSteam, which was launched in Feb. of 2000 as an internet-based process improvement technology platform.  Prior to founding MoreSteam, Bill was a commercial lender for several years, then spent 13 years in manufacturing, quality, and operations management.  He spent 10 years of his career at Ford Motor Co., then held executive level operations positions with Raytheon at Amana Home Appliances, and with Mansfield Plumbing Products.  Bill earned an undergraduate finance degree from the University of Notre Dame, and graduate degree in business finance and operations from Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management.

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Wednesday August 12th, 2020 12:00pm CDT
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Wednesday August 12th, 2020 1:00pm CDT
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