Application of Split-Plot Designs in Pharmaceutical Research 3616
Application of Split-Plot Designs in Pharmaceutical Research
While split-plot designs were historically used for agricultural field experiments, they are also very practical in industrial settings where runs for one or more factors cannot be fully randomized due to experimental constraints. These factors are often referred to as “hard-to-change”, with one of the most common being temperature. Implementing split-plot designs has become straightforward with the aid of statistical software packages but recognizing when a split-plot design is applicable can still be difficult. In this webinar, we’ll discuss the basis of split-plot designs and the models used to fit data from these types of experiments. Then we’ll walk through some examples showing how split-plot designs can be used in pharmaceutical research, with the goal being to show the versatility of these designs and how to recognize when they can be applied.

Brooke Marshall is the head of CMC Statistics at Moderna, leading a team of statisticians supporting process and analytical research and development, manufacturing control strategy, and stability modeling for mRNA vaccines and therapeutics. She has many years of CMC statistics experience in biopharmaceutical process and analytical development, as well as small molecule manufacturing and stability, through her previous roles at GSK and Merck. Brooke has statistical expertise in design of experiments, response surface methodology, quality control, and regression modeling through her education at Virginia Tech, where she received her PhD in Statistics.
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Wednesday December 8th, 2021 12:00pm CST
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Wednesday December 8th, 2021 1:00pm CST
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Date & Time: 12/08/2021 12:00:00 PM CST