ASQ Inspection Division Webinar (0.1 RU) — Using an Ishikawa Diagram to Identify Special Cause Variation in Control Charts
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Where the results of a process cannot be fully verified by subsequent inspection and testing, the process shall be validated with a high degree of assurance and approved according to established procedures.

However, validation is only the beginning of this requirement. Validated processes must also be controlled and monitored; a requirement generally referred to as continuous process monitoring.

Analyzing a control chart to identify special cause variation can be facilitated by using an Ishikawa diagram

  • Discuss continuous process monitoring requirements.
  • Identify continuous process monitoring techniques.
  • Choose the correct control chart for the type of data.
  • Interpret control charts to identify special cause variation.
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Date & Time: 05/10/2022 06:00:00 PM CDT

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