ASQ Inspection Division Webinar (0.1 RU)  — Surface Measurement Speaks the Language of Industry 4.0. 3780
ASQ Inspection Division Webinar (0.1 RU) — Surface Measurement Speaks the Language of Industry 4.0.
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As part tolerances tighten, surface finish has a bigger influence on the size and function of the product. It is becoming more important to measure surface finish right at the point of manufacture. Whether a manual surface finish check, or one integrated into a semi-automated or fully automated surface gaging system, data may be communicating with the user on-site or even someone hundreds or thousands of miles away.

In this presentation, we will look at how surface finish tools are learning the language of Industry 4.0 and are able to communicate – both send and receive information – to meet the new demands.

To accomplish this, we will explore how surface gaging systems speak the language of Industry 4.0 through:
  • Improving the user interface to make setup as easy as a smart phone
  • Allowing for two-way communication to save and load setup parameters
  • Guaranteeing data integrity by using unique identifiers with the measured data
  • Providing communication tools for fully automated operation within the manufacturing process
  • Adding capabilities of remote instruction via communication through the measuring system
All of these benefits will be discussed, documented and provided for the attendees to review.
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Tuesday March 8th, 2022 6:00pm CST
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Tuesday March 8th, 2022 7:00pm CST
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George J. Schuetz – Director Precision Gaging

George has been employed with Mahr Inc. for 45 years in the metrology business.  During that time, he has worked in the application’s areas for Precision Gages, Special Gage Designs, Surface and Form Gaging working to solve customer's specific gaging problems.

Over the years, he has contributed articles to magazines including Quality in Manufacturing, Quality Digest, Quality Magazine and is a monthly contributor to Modern Machine Shop. He has also written a book entitled Quality Gaging Tips with is a compilation of the Modern Machine Shop tips.

In 2021 George was honored with The Hromi Metal by the American Society for Quality for his significant contribution to the science of inspection and advancement of the inspection profession.

Presently George is the responsible Precision Gage Product management at Mahr Inc.

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Date & Time: 03/08/2022 06:00:00 PM CST