Hello, I am a new member

My ultimate goal in life is to waking everyday with purpose. I am a resourceful, results-driven business process consultant and trainer with extensive experience as project manager. I received my bachelor in chemical engineering on 1998, after nine years I decided it was time to move my career path to a higher level by getting my MBA degree on 2009.

 I am quite vivid consultant, has more than 120 training courses experience in addition to many consulting projects in quality, business processes transformation, restructuring, project management, I am a specialist in human resources management, business process design, project management, and quality management.

I love life, the goodness inside people, travelling, reading novels, self-development, and business books, and walking every day. I am proud that I am Muslim and Arabic lady.

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Welcome Khawla to the Community! Which side of UAE are you in? Come writing here and lets build a stronger community together!