Farewell 2020
As the year closes and organizations are dealing with lingering COVID impacts to operations, as well as changes born of COVID restrictions... How does your (as Quality representatives) 2021 look? Curious about anecdotal stories.

I'll start...

While remote auditing isn't anything new, for my organization we underwent an ISO 9001:2015 3rd Party surveillance audit. This was our first time in such a manner (15+ years of site visits). We found that it helped our Quality Representatives on-site better understand the audit process from the 3rd party auditors' perspective and even eased site personnel's minds. The staff were able to communicate answers better and more confidently over MS Teams than when face to face with the auditor.

Has anyone else undergone this shift recently and had positive/negative feedback from it?

We aren't sure if this will be the way forward in the future, though I can say it was a great opportunity for the site staff and quality department to learn and adapt.