ASQ Statistics Division Webinar of Interest - January 11, 2023 - ANOVA, Taguchi, and DOEs

One of our members, who is also a member of the Statistics Division, let me know about the Stats Division January 11 webinar, and I thought it would be of interest to our members. Here is the information and the registration link.

Optimizing Processes and Solving Problems

Jan 11, 1:00 PM CDT

“This month’s ASQ’s Statistics Division webinar features an overview of how Analysis of Variance, Designed Experiments and the Taguchi Method are used to optimize processes and solve problems. Our presenter recalls one-way and two-way ANOVA, as described by Duncan and builds to describe the engineering approach to DOE offered by Taguchi.”

Speaker: Michael J. Vella

Mike joins us today following a 42-year career in Quality and Operations in the Automotive and Food Manufacturing industries. Most recently, Mike retired in 2021 as Senior VP Operations at the Suter Company an employee-owned food producer located in Sycamore, Illinois. Prior to joining Suter, Mike was the Vice President and General Manager of TI Automotive’s Brake and Fuel Group in North America before retiring in 2006. Mike was with TI Automotive for 30 years. Mike received his MBA from Wayne State University and his BS from Western Michigan University. Mike is an ASQ Fellow with both CQE/CRE certifications.

Register here:

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Just in case you missed the January 11 webinar, the link to the presentation is located at:

In addition, a recording of the session is located at:

The presenter, Mike Vella, did a really nice job highlighting the differet types of DOEs, their advantages and disadvantages, and when it is appropriate to use certain ones.