Join Us August 12, 12:00 p.m. EST for a Six Sigma Forum Webinar

On August 12 at 12:00 EST, Albert Eisele will be presenting a webinar regarding strategic plannning for designed experiments.

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Testing one factor at the time (OFAT) will always fail when interactions are present. That’s why we use Six Sigma and DoE to find the root cause.

This presentation is based on a project conducted at Ford Motor Company Vehicle Operations Saarlouis and supplies the needs of a data driven problem solving approach using the six-sigma methodology. This was a real problem in a complex production process using a completely new technology, and therefore DMAIC was chosen as the appropriate discipline.

Unfortunately, the first DoE was not set up properly, according to Six Sigma guidelines and the team found little significance with the variables. They were ready to give up! The second DoE, set up properly to study interactions and create contrast, resulted in resounding success.

At the end, the project team achieved a savings of USD $700,000 per year by eliminating all defects, coming down from a 15% defect rate to zero defects.

Presenter Profile:

Albert Eisele is a Six Sigma Master Black Belt and Kaizen Sensei. While much of his career has been spent in the automotive industry, he also has experience in pharmaceuticals, food & beverage, and the luxury watch industries. Recently retired from Ford Motor Company, Albert consults many clients on proper Six Sigma methods and Lean concepts. Albert is based in Germany, and has been a long-time Six Sigma Forum and ASQ member.

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The August 12 webinar recording and presentation material are available for download here:

Albert told a very compelling story about DOE preparation, trust in your subject matter experts, managing center points, and discovering interactions. If you are new to DOEs or even a seasoned veteran, you will enjoy this webinar!