Virtual Tools for Process Improvement Project Team Meetings

Greetings all and I hope we can start a discussion on a challenge we all may face in the ‘new normal’ at work.

Prior to the pandemic, when our teams worked on project deliverables the meetings were in person. We'd project a PPT deck on the topic, use flip charts, stickies, Sharpies, and a white board. The sessions were very dynamic with a great discussion of ideas clearly shown in the deliverables.

Going forward, the ability to ‘get the whole team in one room’ is going to be a challenge and may be an impossibility. My limited experience so far is that virtual meetings I've been involved with don't deliver on both quality and quantity.

For example, we recently conducted two Fishbone Diagram sessions which really struggled with a number of virtual participants. Those attendees seemed to be less involved as those in the room were, did not share as many ideas, or participate as deeply in the discussions.

Does anyone use or know of any tools that can virtually simulate the dynamic of the in person environment? Also short of putting virtual participants ‘on the spot’, do you have ideas or suggestions to involve virtual participants as actively as in person participants?

Thank you in advance for your feedback.

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Great question.

One basic thing I do is have people turn their cameras on. Being on camera makes it less likely for people to disappear. Another simple thing is to encourage the use the chat window. Ask questions and have people submit answers there. Some people are intimidated by jumping into the conversation. Just a couple of simple ideas…