Letter From the Chair - September 2020

From the Six Sigma Forum Chair:

Greetings from my home office, as the COVID-19 situation has kept me away from my regular work location for more than six months.  I hope this note finds you and your families well.  As the Chair of the Six Sigma Forum since the beginning of 2020, I wanted to introduce myself and also provide updates regarding what the Leadership Team has planned for our members.

I have been in the automotive industry for nearly 30 years, having spent the last 25 at Ford Motor Company in southeast Michigan.  Since 2001, I have been actively involved in Six Sigma—becoming a Master Black Belt in 2003.  Six Sigma has played a strong role in my career.  It has made me a better thinker, a better problem solver, and a better engineer.  Those who have been Six Sigma practitioners for as long as me probably know exactly what I’m talking about, and those new to the field—well, I guarantee you will feel the same way in short order.

2020 started with our annual Lean & Six Sigma Conference in Phoenix in late February.  For those that attended, thank you.  I really hope you enjoyed the sessions, the networking events, and the exhibit hall.  With great delight, the session rated highest by attendees was the Networking Session put on by the Six Sigma Forum Leadership Team—an Escape Room that brought together random individuals who worked as teams to solve Six Sigma related puzzles.  The idea of hosting an Escape Room formed when the Leadership Team participated in a team building exercise at an Escape Room in the Chicago area, naming ourselves Team Chi-Square.  We were proud to have set the record time for “Escape the Train” at just over 33 minutes—more than 3 minutes better than the previous record.  The Leadership Team has already developed new puzzles for our next Six Sigma Escape Room.  Look for these sessions at upcoming (hopefully) in-person conferences, and be sure to sign up early when the registration opens for these sessions.

The Six Sigma Forum has also been starting to leverage webinars.  We’ve hosted two thus far this year.  If, by chance, you missed them, the content can be found on our MyASQ site in the discussion boards.  Our next webinar will feature Multiple Linear Regression (jointly with the Statistics Division), planned for December 9.  A second webinar is planned for February 12, 2021 (swap testing experimental methods for batch processes).  Look for eBlasts about a month before these events that will contain the registration links.  Our webinars have been very well received by the membership, and we look forward to providing you great topics and speakers for future webinars.  I want to thank all of our members who volunteered to host webinars through our last voice of the customer survey.

Nominations for the 2021 Six Sigma Forum Award have been received and the Leadership Team is currently reviewing the entries.  Stay tuned for the announcement of the winner at the 2021 Lean & Six Sigma Conference.

Speaking of which, the 2021 Lean & Six Sigma Conference is well into its planning stages, and is scheduled for February 28 – March 2.  Keep an eye out for announcements regarding the conference, and I hope you will be able to join us, whether it be virtually or—if possible—in person.

Wishing you and your families the best,
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Hi Scott, good information.  I am giving an webinar for the Stat Division on Oct 16 on Continuous MSA studies.  I hope you and others in the Forum will be able to attend.  
Here is the link:

Take care, my friend,