Attend the First Six Sigma Forum Webinar of 2020!
Six Sigma Forum will be hosting our first webinar of 2020 on Friday, May 8 at noon EST.  Come join us!  You can find the link invitation to the Webinar in EVENTS under MyASQ or just click here.  If you can't attend the day of the webinar, the event will be recorded and I will post the recording link here shortly after.
Six Sigma Forum Webinar - Quality Planning and Environmental Thinking in the Age of AI
Presented by Alex Boussetta and Nicolas Hudon from Abacus Team.

The presentation will establish a clear relationship between environmental excellence goals, ISO14000 and Quality improvement initiatives. The bridge will be done between the 8 wastes, variation, and key environmental preoccupations such as plastic waste, energy, transport, travel. Examples coming from companies that we consult with such as Keurig Dr Pepper, Blackberry, and others will be used. In the age of Big Data, AI and Machine Learning, examples of applications to environmental management will be presented.
Here are the key take-aways:
  • What can I do as a Quality Management professional to help my business reach its environmental management objectives
  • How can I integrate the environmental dimension in quality planning and improvement planning in a logical and compelling way
  • How can I establish a bridge between reducing variation and the 8 wastes and environmental impact
  • What advantages do AI and Machine Learning provide in achieving this impact.