Six Sigma Claim
If a company claims for its any Product/Process having Six Sigma Quality Level, How its claim can be assessed/audited (if applicable like ISO Audits).
Should we accept this claim without any documented evidence or any thing else.
Reply Please, what ASQ suggests.
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That is an interesting question...

Can you provide some more background? Are you finding this to be a common occurrence?   I personally have not run across this.

If a contractual requirement specified a quality level of Cpk equivalent to a Six Sigma level of performance, then certainly the supplier should provide evidence.  Just like any other requirement. 
Thanks for reply.

for example a company is engage in auto-parts/auto manufacturing like Ford Motors or General Electric or any other company who claims that they are achieving Six Sigma Quality Level of that product/process. So is there any audit procedure to check them or just accept that they have it. What ASQ or any other pioneers of Six Sigma suggest or what are the best practices for measuring it.

In my view I think we should also see that how many Certified Six Sigma MMB or/and CSSBB, CSSGB, CSSSYB are in company engage in the projects of Six Sigma. 

I would be so obliged on acquiring your comments please.
I believe the intention of Six Sigma is to help meet customer and shareholder needs, and to drive customer satisfaction.  It is not a marketing or compliance scheme.   If you have a contractual reason to ask for evidence of process capability from a company (e.g. customer- supplier relationship), by all means do so.... validate the Sigma level calculation yourself. The formula is well established. No need for a 3rd party auditor.

As mentioned above,  I have not seen companies making idle claims about Six Sigma capability. They pursue Six Sigma methods to drive operation excellence and to meet/exceed customer requirements. 

The line of reasoning in your questions spark even more questions:

1. Would I recertify everytime a process change occurs?
2. Who would be the certifying body?
3. Why do I care what claims a company makes as long as they meet my specifications?
4. Why do I care about how many MBB, BB, GB, YB are doing projects?
5. Who determines how many Belts are the right number? ... the right mix?
6. Who determines what is the right certification? 

Interesting questions you have asked.... the short answer is there is not 3rd audit system like for ISO 9000.  

Yes I got your points and are same what I believe exactly.

The question I asked (six sigma claim), actually every time being asked by class participants, and few of them often claim that for example their product is on 99% Yield (by calculating  Ok parts*100/ total parts produced, we know that although this is not the right procedure) hence achieving equivalent Sigma Quality Level, so can  we (participant) market our products by mentioning with this Sigma Level (or can write at out website for marketing purpose).

I always replied as u described, also Sigma Quality Level is an internationally recognized KPI which can b put in a company's performance measurement and on achieving six sigma level a company will not acquired any prestigious quality prize. 

Thanks for listing and replying.

I would love to read more comments from any other member of the forum on the topic please.