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Marnie Ham
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I am working on my MBB portfolio and have some questions as I am not finding the form easy to fill out.  Can anyone answer some questions based on their experience?  Does this group offer mentors to help answer question or do pre-reviews?  I was able to get this assistance for applying for a fellowship - I know where I am strong and where I am weak (ASQ volunteering).

I would appreciate any help or advice.

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There is not a formal CMBB mentoring group, but a few of the Six Sigma Forum Leadership team members are ASQ CMBBs.  The pool of CMBBs is relatively small but others may be monitoring the SSF myASQ site.

If you have specific questions I imagine someone would be able to offer an opinion  based on their experiences.  Mentoring someone through the process (similar to the Fellow process) can be much more of a commitment as you are likely aware. 
Marnie Ham
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Hi Joe, 
Thanks for the response.
My first question is on the section 1.1 developing training modules.
what is the definition being used for training modules?  
I have assumed that training modules make up sections of the whole course.  

where I was getting confused is that there is a statement about the training modules must focus on more than one phase of DMAIC.  This is not normally how I would construct my modules.
Is the purpose of this comment to ensure that you are demonstrating the whole BOK not a subset?

For Example, I have developed a University course in Quality Control.  It is Black Belt level of knowledge and covers more than one phase - but I would consider a module to be Statistical Tools which would cover hypothesis testing, and capability analysis - in a 39 hour course this would cover about 10 hours of materials, include homework, exercises and a test.  would this work as a training module under this section.


Some of my thoughts....

In looking at the MBB portfolio, I wonder if the wording should be "training modules" vs "a training module".  I would not typically think a training module by itself would cover multiple phases of Six Sigma. On the contrary modules are typically more focused.

Reading deeper it is asking for multiple modules of which 2 were statistically based.  It also speaks to having the content at the Black Belt level.

I did not see a definition for a training module in the MBB portfolio.  My experience is that training modules can vary in length from a few minutes to a few hours and that they would contain learning objectives and a step by step explanation of a given topic. 

Your 10 hours of statistical content was likely multiple modules (or should have been), but sounds like it was mostly Analyze phase content ...