Belt recognition question
For those companies that have an active belt certification program I have two simple questions:
1.  How do you recognize the achievement of Black Belts and Master Black Belts?
2.  How many years have you had an active recognition program?
Thanks you for your response in advance!
Mike Nichols
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The program at Ford has been in existence since 1999. All BB & MBBs get a certificate.  At one time it was given in a mahogany frame.  Some organizations also provide shirts or jackets. As a MBB, I also take my BBs to a nice lunch upon certification. 

Looking forward to other responses on this topic!
Mary Beth
Marnie Ham
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Hi Mike, 
Company: GE Aviation
1. We have underwent many different ways of recognition during that time. One things that remains constant is that no promotion or new job announcement comes out that does not take not the level of Six Sigma Belt the person has earned (Green, Black, or Master Black ).  Otherwise, the certification recognition is department dependent.  Engineering - has each BB and MBB present to the Chief Engineer and his technical leaders a summary of their project (~5 min for BB and ~20 min for MBB). Supply Chain - uses Yammer (internal company twitter) to announce certification and summarizes what people did.  BB and MBB get their certificate in a special frame.  GB and below (WB/YB) are just given their certificate.
2. has been recognizing belts since it started Six Sigma in 1996.