World Quality Month
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Ok, I wear glasses so I have 4 choices.  I am not Japanese so that puts me down to three choices.  I am not bald so that puts me to two choices.  I am not feisty so that makes it one choice - Shewhart
Achievements and honours. In his obituary for the American Statistical Association, Deming wrote of Shewhart: As a man, he was gentle, genteel, never ruffled, never off his dignity. He knew disappointment and frustration, through failure of many writers in mathematical statistics to understand his point of view.

Yep, that sounds like me....LOL
Joe, do you know who the member leader was who headed up the first World Quality Month back in the mid 80's?  (HINT:  you know him.)
I tried to research, but could not uncover the answer... (although I can probably make an educated guess)

Perhaps you could shed some light on the origin?
I was the one.  Dick Freund (ASQ Past President) asked me to do it when I was at Kodak.  It was a crazy time since it was also the time of the first satellite broadcast (if you remember them).