The Personal Value of Six Sigma
Twenty years ago on Labor Day, I recall needing to spend the entire day inside putting a Six Sigma Final Report together. Why? My wife certainly wanted me to take the day off... I, however was banking on Six Sigma having a pay off. 

Six Sigma and eventually Lean Six Sigma did have a substantial impact on the last 20 yrs of my career. It shaped how I thought, how I approached problems, and most of the work related experiences I have had. It also had an impact on many others. I logged more than 7500+ instructional hours through ASQ teaching Six Sigma courses.  I would like to think I assisted (at least in some small way)  many individuals who were on their Six Sigma journey as well. 

Maybe reading this, you find yourself on the front end of the journey wondering if diving into Six Sigma is worth it? I believe it was, is, and will be going forward. 

Maybe you find yourself being the beneficiary of having spent a big chunk of your career involved with Six Sigma?  Was it worth it? Is it still worth it?  Have you considered giving back?

I would be interested in your thoughts.
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Joe - It is definitely worth it!  I have become such a better engineer and problem solver thanks to Six Sigma.  That's why I teach it to so many engineers at Ford, and that's why I give presentations at ASQ conferences showcasing how I have been successful with Six Sigma.  I have been dedicated to Six Sigma for 18 years at Ford, and I still say almost everyday that I love my job as a Master Black Belt and that it's the best job I've ever had.