How does your company measure quality?
Aimee Grimaldi 3504
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Hello, I am leading a design project in a specialized field that does not currently have an all-encompassing metric surrounding the quality of the work product.  I'd like your help with some benchmarking to look at best practices.
Some general questions I have are:
-How do you measure quality? 
-How is the information captured?
-How is the metric displayed? (is it a number, a scale, a letter, DPMO, etc.)
-What industry are you in?

Thank you for your input!
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Joseph Basala 45
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I imagine no one has replied as most companies do not have an all encompassing quality metric.  My understanding is that this was the original rationale  behind the creation of the Sigma Level metric. However, it really never stuck given the additional complexity of the 1.5 Sigma Shift and the resistance of organizations to modify their existing metrics/KPIs. Additionally everyone figured you can do Six Sigma without (although there are reasons it would help) turning the whole organization upside down by converting to the Sigma Level. The Sigma level metric can be used with discrete and continuous data and allows factoring in long and short term data. I would contend this might be your metric. 

I work in the Aerospace component manufacturing industry.  Common metrics are  PPM levels, # of escapes, customer scorecard scores , COPQ data, etc.
Aimee Grimaldi 3504
Joined 09/21/2018 - 2 Posts
Thank you!
Mary Beth Soloy 36
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I am in the Automotive Industry and we have more Quality metrics than you could ever imagine. Warranty, things gone wrong, things gone right, customer satisfaction % to name just a few of the lagging indicators.  I've noticed many companies are moving to Net Promoter Score (NPS) which I learned about through my ASQ colleagues.  There are pros and cons to NPS but I sure am getting a lot of customer surveys in that format!

Mary Beth Soloy