Message from the Chair: WCQI and New Membership and Idea Sharing
Chad Smith
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I want to take a few moments to highlight how awesome it was to see all our members and friends stopping by our SSF booth in Ft. Worth.  Thanks to everyone that said hello.  It was great to reconnect, and we want to keep the connections high between conferences.  So we need you and your friends to join the conversation in our SSF MyASQ portal. Please post your questions, comments and innovations.  In addition, please encourage people that work with you to ask their questions and share their thoughts as well.

Even more, with the new membership model effective in July, you will be able to access other technical communities as part of your ASQ membership.  This is promoting collaboration between the technical communities.  During the conference, we had many conversations with other groups about how we can work together.  We are even exploring how we can support geographic communities by sponsoring and conducting webinars.  If you have an idea for collaboration, we want to know.  Please start a discussion.

The future of the society is very bright as we continue to improve and transform.  We should all be excited for how we will be able to help improve peoples' lives as we work better together as the American Society for Quality.