Professional Development Committee
The Cincinnati Section Professional Development Committee are looking for volunteers to be mentors and for people looking to have a mentor. Please reach out on MyASQ to Molissa Herman or e-mail me at
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Thanks, Molissa. Please put me down as either a mentor or mentee.
Great, thank you!
More specifically, I am looking to pivot my career towards software (Software Quality Engineer, specifically in Med Device).
Any conflict of interest with J&J and your current employer? I ask because I know they have a strong program and we have a number of members there that might be able to hook you up with a mentor. I know the head of IEEE's SW group but she is in the Cleveland OH area.
I would potentially be interested in a mentor. Having moved from process engineering to quality engineering, I would appreciate some alternate insights.
Thank you. We will put you on the list to engage when we get the program rolling.