Mentorship - What have your experiences been?
We've had some recent interest within our Section related to acquiring a mentor. I'm sure some people might even wonder what a mentor does. I'd like to add from my experience here and ask any of you to weigh in with either your experience as a mentor, mentee, or both.
For me, mentoring has been about sharing experiences. And not always similar experiences. The mentor I remember best valued my detail oriented nature. What I gleaned from him was how to step away from the details and summarize a project at a level quickly disseminated to leaders. The best conversations were truly that, conversations. 
What I think mentoring is not - training. In mentoring we discuss different opinions, viewpoints, experiences, and pitfalls. Then the mentee takes away those elements they believe would be helpful to execute a project or make a decision on their own. When a quandary develops, or a pitfall, your mentor is there to help evaluate and move forward without judgement.

Let's hear from our membership. What say you (in your best Aragorn voice)?